Saturday 6 April 2019

Saturday, 06-04-19

Good morning!

In a comment yesterday, Jane commended the creamy pepper sauce recipe I said I was making for dinner and I have to agree with her.  It was really delicious and here's the recipe.  I'll definitely be making it again and Dad thoroughly enjoyed it too, finishing it off with the left over peas!
Jane, you mentioned a lemon and parsley sauce; could I trouble you for the recipe for that, please?

The lunchtime 'chickadillas' were also really tasty and extremely filling and satisfying.  Quite different to the steak ones but just as nice.  I must think of some other fillings that would work too.

I'm at Dad's now but, as I'm in charge of the cooking, this is what we're having.
B:  porridge with fruit and yogurt
I used to struggle to think of different breakfasts but now, thanks to SW/Pinch of Nom, I have loads of different ideas, all on plan and all tasty.  Porridge remains a favourite though!
SW:  one healthy extra A (milk) and one B (40g oats)

L:  home made chunky bean and veg soup.
A favourite with us both, it's packed with speed veg but also has protein with the pulses and some carbs with the orzo so it's a very complete meal.  And it tastes so good!
SW:  free

D:  steak and kidney with mash, broccoli and sprouts
The steak and kidney is a can from M&S.  Their chunky steak was so good that I decided to try this one as well and see.  If it goes down well with Dad, I will get a few cans into his pantry!
SW:  one syn for half the can

Ss:  milk for my other healthy extra A, fruit


  1. Glad it was a success , lemon and parsley sauce ... I made a white sauce using the anthem gum and put in some finely grated rind of lemon with chopped parsley, I've also tried it wth chopped dill over salmon :)

    1. Thanks very much. I was wondering about using it to make a syn free gravy using good stock. Also, from what I've rad, it thickens without heat so I could make a fruit 'syrup' to stir into my yogurt.

  2. A creamy peppercorn sauce is one of my favorites. I like it with mushrooms on toast. It's even better when sprinkled with Stilton and grilled but a step too far for a SW member.

    1. This one had finely chopped mushroom and onion in it and I can see how turning it into a mushroom sauce would work really well. On toast sounds delicious too and you could add your stilton as a healthy A. It sounds so delicious!

  3. Apparently Stilton isn't an A choice! I only found out the other day when I mentioned in group having eaten some and our leader told me!