Monday 8 April 2019

Monday, 08-04-19

Good morning!
I'm home again after a rather gruelling (emotionally) weekend where food played all too great a part but, dear me, these things happen and now I am moving on again.  At the moment it's three steps forward and two back but life will even out again.  Just give it time and be understanding with myself so I'm not creating any unnecessary layers of guilt or self-recrimination.
That's how I feel right now, anyway.  I'll get there.

And, I have to say, last night's salmon, salad  and cheesy chips was just the ticket.

OK, so on to today's food and I can start playing with recipes again.  I have the new SW magazine and April's Easy Cook to use as well so, really, I'm spoilt for choice.

B:  Maple and bacon French toast with fruit (Pinch of Nom p 32)
This looks gorgeous but by using the bread as a healthy extra and measuring things carefully, it works really well with Slimming World.  Apart from the bacon, nothing is too expensive and even the bacon medallions are a YS item (I got lucky there)
SW:  2 syns for a tbsp of maple syrup and the healthy extra B

L:  chicken New Yorker with salad
I've promised to take Alex, my grandson who is now home from uni, to the Hungry Horse for lunch.  I looked up online and found a very complete nutrition chart that gives all the calories (yes, I'm reverting to calories for this) and my choice is around 450 calories - one just has to trust the data - which is OK for a lunch.  If it's nice, it will give me another idea for a home cooked meal. 
A diet coke will sort out the drinks.
I must be strong and not munch on Al's chips and onion rings!
And it is one of the less expensive choices too, not that anything is particularly shocking at the Hungry Horse, it's not that sort of place.
SW:  the salad and the tomato sauce will provide some speed and I won;t sorry about the rest, just remember that 450 calories is perfectly OK for a lunch.

D:  Soft cheese and chicken pitta, simple side salad
Remember last week I made the philly cheesesteak from the PoN book.  Well, I am making the same thing again but using shredded chicken from the freezer rather than steak, immediately making it more frugal
SW:  the pitta is 6 syns as I have already had my healthy B for the day, and the soft cheese will be a healthy extra A

Ss:  after all that, I think I had better aim for none and go for a walk this afternoon!


  1. It's good to be able to consult the menu online in advance, so you know what you will be able to eat. Enjoy your lunch, Joy.

    1. When we got there, there was a notice on the door saying due to staff absences the kitchens were closed. Disappointing but I know what to have when we re-schedule. :-)