Thursday 25 April 2019


Good morning.

As you can see, I've changed the name at last.  After a lot of pondering I've decided on 'Frugal Food on Slimming World' because it's the nearest I could get to what I want to express.  It's not 100% perfect though and I might change it if something better comes to mind.  I'm still very open to suggestions.

The SW bit is obvious but 'frugal' means something specific to me.
It doesn't mean setting a strict budget and going without if the month is longer than the money.
It doesn't mean buying filling myself with things that will sabotage my slimming pathway because they are on yellow sticker or very cheap (although some great food can be very inexpensive - pulses, for example - and you can get some great YS finds from time to time).

I appreciate that I am very fortunate to have that freedom and flexibility though and I will never, ever take it for granted.

So what does it mean to me?
It means making the very best of what I have with the occasional splurgy treat (such as a steak).
It means being flexible within a framework of careful planning and being prepared to change plans to accommodate leftovers, for example, or food that needs using up before it goes off in order to avoid waste.
It means cooking from scratch most of the time because it's much better value than ready meals (and better for my health too).
It means using a variety of thing - frozen, fresh, dried, canned - for a varied approach and an interesting diet.
It means researching recipes, ideas, strategies and skills in order to, as above, make the best of what I have and to keep the motivation up.
It means making it all work for me in my situation and circumstance.
And it means just being sensible.

And yes - I am fortunate.  Fortunate to be able to be flexible and fortunate that I enjoy cooking, planning, trying new recipes and am open to new ideas.  Also thgat I have the time.

I'm doing it via Slimming World - that's my choice - but the I think same approach will work for any sensible system.

So, on we go.  The title has changed but the content won't although we will draw a veil over yesterday's somewhat less than healthy eating (it WAS my birthday, after all) and remember that today is a new day, the first of the rest of my live

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