Wednesday 3 April 2019

Wednesday, 03-04-19

Good morning.
Yesterday really was a delicious day.

Breakfast pancakes.

Lunchtime frittata.

And a steak pasty with runner beans and sprouts in the evening

And a couple of easy peeler oranges!

It does feel good to be back on plan again.

Today's food plans:
B:  a cooked breakfast - bacon medallions. hm potato waffle (f), egg, mushrooms, tomatoes
SW - all free

L:  Philly cheesesteak (from the PoN book, p 56, watercress salad
I'm changing this a bit by using dairylea as half a healthy extra Ainstead of Philly light which is no longer a healthy extra and a wholemeal pitta (f) instead of a roll for the B because I have pitta and I don't have any rolls.

D:  Jacket potato with a beany mixture (f) and some grated cheddar, broccoli or salad (I'll see how I feel);  natural yogurt and berries
SW  The grated cheddar is the rest of my healthy extra As

Ss:  just fruit

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