Monday 15 April 2019

Monday, 15-04-19

Good morning.

Today is the start of a very muddled week but I am going to take my new Cookery Book with me and hope for the best.

Today's plans.
Brunch:  bacon and egg roll with tomatoes on the side, fruit
Because of travelling time, I will delay breakfast and have it a bit before I leave.
SW:  the roll is my healthy extra B for the day

D:  cottage pie with peas and broad beans
I'm feeding the five thousand this evening so have made a nice, big cottage pie that I can just warm up in the oven.
SW:  two healthy extra As for the cheese in the mash topping but apart from that, free.

Ss:  fruit

Fingers crossed!


  1. Joy, I'm just catching up with blogs, and am so very sorry to read of the death of your Mum. Thinking of you. xx

    1. Thanks, Scarlet, that's so lovely of you.