Tuesday 16 April 2019

Tuesday, 16-04-19

Good morning.

Here's today's plans:

B:  yogurt and fruit
Nice and light after another family meal (eating in, this time, home made but even so - phew)
SW:  free or one syn ndepending on whether I have natural yogurt or a Mullerlight.

L:  bean and veg soup (from Dad's freezer)
SW:  free

D:  sausages, bacon, hash browns, veg
This is where it all crashes down.  Dad thawed some sausages the other day and then didn't use them so they need using up today.  they are good quality, proper butcher's recipe sausages and absolutely delicious but impossible to syn so I'm not even going to try!
I'm happy to make this dinner as it's something Dad really loves and he hasn't had it for simply ages as it takes more cooking than he feels he can manage confidently.

Ss:  fruit, just fruit.


  1. Hello Joy. I love real sausages, have had them all through my SW journey. I count them as 5 1/2 syns each which I think is average and its not like you'd have them all the time. Enjoy