Saturday 17 February 2018

Recipe: chicken and chickpea soup

I have to go on a liver shrinking diet prior to having a gallbladder op.  It's restrictive and I'm trying to create recipes that are still frugal, mostly use what I already have in and fit the criteria for the diet.
This is a lunch recipe and lunch is supposed to be two portions of protein and two of veg (no carbs).

In the freezer, I had chicken in stock, saved from the fag end of a roast with the stock made from boiling the carcass; it was very good stock.

Ingredients for one portion
50g cooked chicken, roughly shredded
some good chicken stock
15g each onion, celery and carrot, finely chopped
30g cooked chickpeas
seasonings (I just added salt, but pepper and herbs, especially fresh herbs, would be nice)

Into a saucepan place the stock, the vegetables and the chickpeas.  Bring to a boil and simmer, covered, until the veg is all soft.  Add boiling water if necessary.

When the veg is soft, taste and adjust seasoning.  Add a bit of chicken stock powder, if you want to.  Finally, add the shredded chicken, bring back to a simmer and serve.

You could zizz it but I don't see why really, it's one of those soups where chunks work well.

I used one portion of protein (half chicken, half chickpeas) and one portion of veg.  I sort of counted the stock as the second protein portion.
Next time, I might add more veg - because I can.
Just a shame about the crusty bread!

And after it's all over, I will also add a little bit of cubed potato or a bit of rice too but actually it was delicious just as it was.  Filling, warming, fat free, frugal, just great!  A good 'un and, with more chicken and stock in the freezer, it will appear on my daily plans again.


  1. Afternoon Joy

    Crikey... what a strict 'diet'. But...needs must. It's just a shame that it's winter time when we all need more 'fuel'. If it was summer, then our bodies don't need so much food. Oh well, it seems as though you've got your food organised and it is for a good reason to lose the weight. I really feel for you under these conditions, but you are doing brilliantly. I think writing everything down (whether on your blog or privately on computer), also helps. At least cooking from scratch fills your day and you don't end up clock-watching until your next meal.

    Keep on at it - you can do it! :-)


    1. It is very strict, yes. It's because (and I'm looking at the info they sent) the liver is a large organ anyway and 'working space can be limited' (that's a polite way of saying it!) so this is a pre-op diet to shrink the liver and make recovery easier as well as reducing the likelihood of complications. It says!
      When you put it like that, it gives a bit of added motivation, doesn't it?
      J x

  2. It sounds like they know what is needed fir the best result. Good luck.

    1. I'd be daft not to go for it, wouldn't I?
      J x