Tuesday 6 February 2018

Tuesday, 06-02-18

Good morning, everyone.
Yesterday started off a bit chaotic as I overslept and, as a result, everything got out of sync, but it settled after a while, I rethought my food plans, reposted, and all was well.

Here's today's plans.
B:  porridge, strawberry foam (aka the 'scum' from the last jam session), natural yogurt
L:  tomato soup that I made yesterday in a hurry (and jolly good it was too)
D:  chicken casserole with peppers (a Rosemary Conley recipe using stuff I have in the freezer), mash, sponge pudding*
Ss:  apple, orange

From the freezer
Chicken pieces and cooking bacon
The fruit for the pudding

The frugal factor
Breakfast as always!
The soup was made from a can of chopped tomatoes, bit of onion, bit of carrot, bit of celery, stock, water, garlic puree, tomato puree and milk, it made three of my portions and is very delicious.
The chicken was from the market, very reasonable.  The peppers are from a bag of wonkies and I shall use apple juice (which I already have), not wine or cider.
Passata, frozen last summer from garden produce
Rhubarb and strawberries for the sponge are from garden and allotment.

* I am trying out some eggless sponge recipes as a one egg sponge makes far too much for just one portion.  Wish me luck!


  1. I make a 2 egg sponge and cut it into portions and freeze, the portions microwave from frozen in 1-2 minutes. When you find a winning recipe please share.

    1. I want to make it for a fruit pudding, you see. I guess I could make several and freeze but oh, the temptation!!!
      I will post on here if I do find anything worth the telling. I have two recipes, one for a yogurt based cake and one from the Hairy Dieters so fingers crossed!
      J x