Tuesday 20 February 2018

Tuesday, 20-02-18

Good morning.  Here we are at the start of another day.

Yesterday's dinner was delicious although I realised afterwards that I had planned broccoli and had salad.  However, that's the sort of thing that really doesn't matter.

I used a bit of the leftover salad dressing to bake the salmon in and it was super-delicious and I do love Slimming World chips - hardly any oil (I use spray oil) but they still come out all crisp and crunchy.

And I really didn't have room for the planned dessert so I will have the rhubarb with some porridge (instead of muesli) today.

On to today.
B:  porridge (30g) with natural yogurt (60g) and stewed rhubarb (about 70g), sweetened with a bit of stevia
L:  2 boiled eggs, 100g baked chicken, 90g carrot sticks - a bit of a mish mash really and some toasty soldiers would have been nice but never mind!  Usually I wouldn't have the chicken either, the eggs would be enough!  Fortunately, my freezer is reasonably loaded with chicken as it's a favourite.
D:  I had forgotten that Beth is coming round for dinner so I shall change my plans and make a chickpea and potato curry with basmati rice (Beth is vegetarian) with a yogurt for dessert.
Ss:  apple and orange

From the freezer
the rhubarb
the chicken
the chickpeas
the mirepoix for the curry

The frugal factor:
Better than the last couple of days as dinner will be much more frugal - the chickpeas were dried. soaked, cooked and frozen.
Porridge is always a frugal option and the rhubarb was from the allotment last summer.
Boiled eggs would be fine but the chicken knocks it off target a bit.  Never mind.  Carrots are always reasonably priced, whether in season or not.

So that's today - fingers crossed.


  1. Sounds good Joy. What's so different about Slimming World chips?

    1. I suppose nothing really, but you cook them with so little oil it makes them a more healthy helping. I'll do a post on how I do them.
      J x

  2. That looks deliciously healthy :-)

    1. It was! It hit two out of three bang on target - healthy and delicious. Shame about the frugality but it could have been a lot worse! :-)
      I'm laughing at myself right now because I used to think nothing of spending four or five times as much on a take away Chinese!
      J x