Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Tuesday, 27-02-18


After my dithering yesterday I ended up frying the tuna and it was really nice with the salad and chips.

What I did was slice the steak into two 'slices'.  I sprayed oil and added salt and pepper on each slice, just one side.  I heated a non stick pan to very hot (a griddle pan would have been better but I don't have one) and then added the tuna, seasoned side down, turning after a minute.  It did very quickly, was just cooked through (thank you for the tips there) and I really liked it with some lemon juice sprinkled over.  It was 'meaty' and very tasty and the lemon juice finished it off nicely.

I'm going to make some bread this morning.  I have bread in the freezer but this bread will be 100% wholemeal.  I think I need the roughage!  :-)  Also, when I went shopping yesterday, I bought some chewing gum.  Now, having been brought up by a mum who detested gum chewing, I don't really get the stuff but it says on the packet 'excessive consumption may produce laxative effects'.  I can hope, can't I!

Today's plans
B:  porridge with fruit yogurt
L:  tuna and cottage cheese (I'm hoping the cottage cheese will take the dryness of the tinned tuna away), mixed salad
D:  One portion of baked beans on two slices of wholemeal toast (no butter), 6 mini tomatoes, either grated low fat cheddar cheese on the beans or a fruit yogurt for afters, depending on how I feel.
Ss:  two apples

From the freezer
I think the only thing will be the cheese which I froze last week in single portions

The frugal factor
Porridge.  :-)
The tuna is a cheap can that I've had for ages.  Time for it to go.
The beans will be savers and the bread will be home made
Very simple meals today but I'm quite looking forward to them, all the same.

I wonder what spices would go with cottage cheese and tuna.  Maybe a bit of curry paste?  Coronation turkey (vaguely sort of)?  I shall have to ponder.


  1. Love coronation chicken and it's quite versatile. I have it in sandwiches or on the top of baked potato.

    1. Me too. On my list of Things To Have once this diet is over!
      Into the tuna and cottage cheese I've mixed in some curry paste and I think I am going to be naughty and also add a bit of mango chutney. A titchy bit shouldn't hurt.
      J x

  2. Sugar free sweets have a 'laxative effects' warning on too. I have to be careful when I'm on my own driving a long way that I don't eat too many, I always have a few boxes in the car 😉

    1. It's useful to know that, in case it's needed but being caught short is never much fun, is it?
      J x