Wednesday 14 February 2018

Wednesday: still Not The Frugal Factor

Well, I was proper paid for m gluttony yesterday and it just goes to show that three and a bit months of needing to be careful with what I eat in both amount and type has paid dividends.  Not exactly fully blown gallbladder stuff but not far off and a blow out used to be fun.  Now it isn't!  Three cheers!  Seriously, three cheers. I am glad: I have learnt a lesson.

B:  Well, I'm booked in so will go down but will stick to the light stuff.  Actually, the full English yesterday was better than in the anticipation than the eating anyway; the bacon and sausage were tasteless and the nicest thing was the egg.  So today maybe an egg on toast with fruit on the side.  Something like that anyway.
L:  Yesterday I fell for a cheese scone at Anglesea Abbey.  It was very tasty - the NT do nice cheese scones - but I didn't need it and it didn't help, so today I will buy a coffee (to get a seat out of the cold as there's no way I will want to picnic) and have some fruit.
D:  Well, we will see, but I suspect it will be just soup.  I don't think I can face another main course!
Ss:   What???   Aaaarrrggghhh!

Having a really nice time but looking forward to getting back to normal again with the frugal food.

The snowdrops were very pretty.

I totally missed pancake day yesterday so I think that when I get home I will have savoury pancakes for dinner.  One egg makes a whole load of batter so I'll make that all up and freeze some for nice, fruity breakfasts.


  1. Love snowdrops! Sorry you've had gallbladder trouble but yes you're right, it does sometimes take feeling unwell as a result of being naughty with food to make us realise we should stick to a sensible diet! Sounds like you've been visiting some nice places.

    1. Yesterday was a lovely visit. Today - not so successful but never mind!
      J x

  2. Afternoon Joy.

    Sorry to hear that you were poorly and hope your tummy settles down today. In some ways, it was for the best that tummy played up as it confirms to you that plain, simple food is better for you calorie wise (continued weight loss), financially and for your health (spoiling your break).

    We are on an all-inclusive holiday next week and I hope we don't over indulge, as all our hard work over the last few months' would have been wasted.

    Enjoy the rest of your stay.


    1. Have a wonderful time, Carol. Going somewhere nice?

      It's better today apart from a very painful upper back (which is just the gallstones and they will take time to settle again, I suspect.
      J x