Monday 5 February 2018

Monday, 05-02-18

Good morning!
Yesterday's plans changed - it was soup for lunch.
The chicken casserole was gorgeous and went down a treat!

Today's plans:
B:  porridge, marmalade and natural yogurt
L:  bits and bobs soup
D:  Not entirely sure yet - I'll get back on this one!
Ss:  apple, orange

From the freezer:
Whatever dinner is will be freezer based.

The frugal factor:
Oats are cheap, jam is home made
The soup will be frugal - lots of bits and bobs from the fridge
Dinner will be too - whatever it is!

Sorry to be so vague - I've slept in and don't have all that much time right now.

Later on
It's all change.  This is really what I'm having
B:  fruit yogurt and apple
L:  a rather tasty home made tomato soup - yum!
D:  spag bol with a side salad
Ss:  grapes, apple

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