Monday 12 February 2018

Monday later on

I've arrived, unpacked, settled in, got connected, worked out how to turn on the subtitles on the telly (hard of hearing = subtitles essential) dug out my jar of instant (more essential) and am drooling over the evening menu!  Decisions, decisions!

There's some awfully nice things on offer and after months of frugality, I'm spoilt for choice.  Do I have a pizza, a chicken and bacon melt, a chicken katsu curry, a mixed bean salad - or how about a brie, bacon and cranberry burger.
Or will the gallstone protest?

Oh, dear!


  1. I meant to comment on this Liver Shrinkage thing before, I had my gall bladder removed more than 30 years ago. all I had to do was turn up at the hospital after eating and drinking nothing for around 8 hours. You will be wonderful after the op. I think that looking back I would opt for the bean salad with a fat free dressing. Enjoy your break away.

    1. How things change, eh? No complaints from me though - it's forcing me to lose some weight, a much needed thing.
      J x

  2. Have a lovely break. Everything tastes lovely when you just have to turn up and eat it.

  3. Afternoon Joy.

    As 'Frugal in Essex Tania" says - everything tastes lovely when you turn up and eat it AND no washing up after! Win-Win! Enjoy your break away.


  4. Enjoy your lovely break away....and the lovely food (even nicer when it's cooked by someone else and, as Carol says, you don't have to do the washing up). I think I'd opt for the brie, bacon & cranberry burger, something we rarely have at home. I too have gallstones - multiple tiny ones apparently - but fortunately they rarely cause me any problems.

  5. LOL - Sooze, that's exactly what I had and it was lovely but way, way too much. And as you all said, so lovely to get up, walk out, no washing up, come up to my room and watch telly (It's going to be Only Connect and Uni Challenge) before falling asleep (I expect).
    Fingers crossed for no reaction - but if there is, it will be worth it.

    I shall have to rename this Not the Frugal Factor for a few days, won't I?
    J x