Saturday 14 August 2021

Recipe: fakeaway chicken burger

 This was blimmin' delicious, so much nicer than I thought it would be.

A word of warning - using a whole chicken breast fillet makes a very filling burger.  If you want a proper, tum-overloading feast, go for it.  Otherwise, save calories and cost by using just half of a fillet.

You can serve it with anything.  I used home made actifry chips, free on Slimming World because I used spray oil and some tomatoes and cucumber but - whatever really.  Just make sure it conforms to whatever plan you are on.


one chicken breast fillet, halved and flattened
some spice mix - I used Schwartz New York Buffalo Seasoning and synned it at one syn but some spice mixes are free or mix your own.
one small egg, well beaten
breadcrumbs - whatever you use will have to be synned as the wholemeal roll will be your B choice.  I used panko breadcrumbs but you could make your own by zizzing up a slice of bread.
one wholemeal roll, halved and sprayed with oil - you will see why in the method
one tbsp cranberry sauce - one and a half syns
spray oil
(I also used a slice of cheese for an A choice - you can just see it in the photo above - but with all the other flavours going on I could hardly taste it so won't waste my A in future.  I think tomato and salad leaves would add a nice touch of colour and that is what I will do next time)
Plus whatever you have as sides.

1.  Take each flattened half breast and dust it with the seasoning of your choice, then dip it in the beaten egg and finally into the breadcrumbs.  While you're doing this, heat some spray oil in a pan on a moderate heat.

2.  Place the coated chicken in the pan and fry it on both sides until the chicken is cooked and the outside is golden and crunchy.  You may need to spray with a little more oil half way through before you turn them over.

3.  After the chicken has cooked, remove it to a warm preheated oven so it holds its heat.  In the pan, put the halved roll, cut and sprayed side down and let it cook until it has turned brown and crunchy.

4.  Construct the burger like this (not what I did but what I will do in future):  bottom half of the roll, a few leaves and tomato slices, first piece of chicken, cranberry sauce, second piece of chicken, a few more leaves and lettuce, top of the roll.
If using just one piece of chicken I will do roll, cranberry sauce, chicken, leaves and tomato, top of roll.
What I actually did was:  roll, half the cranberry sauce, first piece of chicken, cheese slice, second piece of chicken, cranberry sauce, top of roll.
Or, to be honest, however you fancy it really.

5.  Serve with whatever you like.  Chips, made the SW way, don't add any syns but they do have calories so be careful.  A nice big mixed salad would work a real treat.

Slimming world values:
The roll is a healthy extra B
The cheese (30g or 40g of lighter cheese) would be a healthy extra A
The cranberry sauce is one and a half syns
You would need to check the breadcrumbs and the spice mix.  Mine were four syns and one syn respectively.

So this is one healthy extra A (if you have cheese) and one B plus five and a half syns.   Not bad at all for a real feast and loads better than one from a takeaway.

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