Saturday 28 August 2021

Saturday, 28-08-21

 Good morning. 
It was sigh of relief time at SW yesterday as the scales registered a pound and a half loss.  I had hoped for more and feared less so I'm happy!

I'm continuing to log everything on Nutracheck and you should have seen Jen's face when I gave her the printouts and asked if she would just check to see if I was missing anything that would slow things down!  The trouble is there's no way of filtering out the elements you don't need but I pointed out the bits that were actually relevant and I had annotated it with As, Bs and syns so I hope it won't take her too long!
I bet she will laugh at me in private though!  All that micro-managing!

I had slight (and semi-planned) blip later on but that's Friday for you!  I managed the planned meals plus rather more.  I reckon these Friday 'blips' are what's slowing things down a bit but it keeps me on track the rest of the time so it's a price I am prepared to pay.
There are so many amazing recipes and ideas around at the moment, if one is prepared to take the time to look, and I know I can fill the rest of my week with food that works within the SW structure and do keep me with a 500 calorie deficit so keeping the interest high really is not a problem.

It's lucky I enjoy cooking, isn't it?

Yesterday's meals:

I had planned for waffles but when I got home I really fancied a chocolate Weetabix.  Goodness knows how old they are, I didn't look, but they tasted fine.  So I had one Weetabix with 50h milk, some strawberries and raspberries and a dollop of Greek yogurt and it was lovely!

The leftovers of Friday's veg chilli.  As always, the flavours had mellowed and, while it was certainly spicy, it didn't need any yogurt to soothe!
Fruit was a pear and a nectarine.

This looks like a very messy plate but it was good!   Finely grated cheese goes a very long way, as do thin cut chips, so it looks more than it really was.  I had one of those little bottles of wine (Merlot) with it - nice!

Then I had some ice cream, bad me, and ended the day both over syns and over calories.  Back on it this morning, good and strict again.

Today's plans:

B:  pancakes with fruit and yogurt
Saturday treat with a pot of proper coffee.  Lovely.
I'll make the pancakes using freshly ground oats, a medium egg and some milk plus a bit of stevia.  There's loads of ways one can flavour a batter but I fancy it simple today.  I usually use yogurt in the batter but, as I don't seem to have any A choices planned for today, I will use milk instead.
SW:  half a healthy extra A one healthy extra B and half a syn (for the yogurt)

L:  gammon with pineapple salsa, small salad; fruit
I don't have gammon but I do have some thick cut back bacon slices which will do fine.  
This is a very simple idea from the Good Housekeeping Fast and Easy Collection.  I Googled and found the recipe:
I may very well jazz up the salsa with a few additions - finely chopped cucumber and maybe some tomato flesh might be nice.  I have a chilli left over from the last Hello Fresh box.
I decided on this because it was a toss up between pancakes and bacon for breakfast and I realised I could actually have both, just not at the same meal!
SW:  the bacon will be free and I will use spray oil rather than sunflower oil so, unless I have some salad dressing, this will be syn free.

D:  salmon, runner beans, broccoli; yogurt
I have loads of salmon in the freezer so time to start using it up!  Maybe a salmon challenge, like the chicken one which isn't quite finished, by the way.  When it is, I will do a post about all the recipes.
SW:  half a syn for the yogurt and I will concoct a little sauce using mayo and tomato puree with a bit of ooomph added.  I expect that will be up to two syns.

half a healthy extra A (so I must work in a bit more, if possible)
one healthy extra B
up to three syns


  1. I'm so glad the scales showed a loss, well done Joy xx

    1. Thanks, Sooze. It was a great relief, it really was. xx