Tuesday 10 August 2021

Tuesday, 10-08-21 - ten chicken ideas

 Good morning.
First of all, some lovely news.  It appears that I have been nominated for our group's 'Woman of the Year.  Isn't that nice?  

As I posted today's meal planning yesterday, I thought I'd do something a bit different.  Back to normal tomorrow.

 (can't get this centred, sorry)

You'll probably have noticed that I rather like chicken and it features a lot in my meal plans.  It helps me to cut down on the amount of red meat I have and it is low in fat.
People say chicken is tasteless and I suppose it can be, but I like to use it with herbs, spices and sauces that impart flavour.

I had a think about chicken meals that I can make and wondered if I could get a list of ten - so here we go.  No specific recipes here, but when I make them over the next few weeks, if I can, I will post what I did.

1.  Chicken and apple casserole.  I think this is a Gousto recipe but I found it available on the internet and it looks easily adaptable to SW structure.  It would be nice made with white wine but this uses chicken stock.

2.  Bbq chicken.  There's loads of bbq sauces and marinades around and that smokiness is delicious.  Even nicer if you actually have a bbq to cook it on!

3.  Leading on from 2, Hunter's chicken.  An all time favourite and there's a great recipe in one of the Pinch of Nom books, if you don't want to make it up yourself.  It's just layered chicken, veg, bbq sauce and cheese, baked in the oven.

4.  Chicken burgers.  One can either use a bashed out piece of chicken, egg and breadcrumbed as a sort of escalope (nice in other meals too, not just as a burger filling), or use chicken mince and add what you fancy in the way of herbs or spices.  Or one could use turkey mince instead, which seems to be easier to find around here.

5.  Chinese chicken curry, either using a Mayflower curry sauce or I have a pot of J D Seasonings that is rather delicious.  I like to bulk it out with lots of veg.

6.  Other chicken curries.  I have several other J D Seasonings curry mixes - balti, jalfrezi and tikka masala, to name a few.  They're nice and I really do recommend them.  They come with a recipe which is very helpful.

7.  Sweet and sour spicy chicken.  This is the SW recipe, actually for crispy chilli beef, which I adapted last week and found absolutely delicious.  It's sort of sweet and sour tasting and one can adjust the heat to ones own taste.

8.  Chicken and tomato stew.  An old family favourite, this is just chicken (and bacon) and assorted veg cooked in chopped tomatoes with whatever seasonings you fancy.  It always works out well.

9.  Sticky chicken.  This is just chicken pieces and a sauce made from balsamic vinegar, soy sauce and honey in equal amounts, brown the chicken in spray oil, add the sauce and cook until it's all nice and sticky.  Yum.

10:  Orange chicken.  This is a Pinch of Nom recipe from the Everyday Light book and, when you look at it, you think ????? but actually it's really nice.


  1. I'd eat every single one of those gorgeous recipes... not all at once. :-)

    1. < grin > Exactly what I am going to do - not all at once either. xx