Saturday 7 August 2021

Recipe: sticky red onion relish

 This recipe is on the blog 'Vicki's Kitchen' which is more of a recipe site than a blog.  Vicki lives in Wales and has done Slimming World and SW recipes for a long time (although she is now spreading her culinary wings more widely).  Her recipes are fantastic and well worth a look through when hunting for SW friendly meal ideas.

The relish recipe is here:
and I'm not going to reproduce it in full here as it is her recipe.  I will just say you need red onion, balsamic vinegar, cider vinegar, sweetener, salt and pepper - all things that are either staples or easily obtainable.

I made half quantities and actually used Thermione although it's also fine made as described in a saucepan on the hob.
I found two things - firstly that it needed a bit longer than the recipe says (in the Thermomix anyway) and also that I felt it was just a bit lacking in depth (although still very nice, don't misunderstand me, it was good just as it was).
The former was easily sorted.
Fir the latter, I added a level tbsp granulated sugar (three syns) and gave it another simmer until the whole thing was dark, sticky and there was no liquid pooling at the bottom - just like for any chutney, in fact.

I weighed the results and it came to six very decent portions of around 33g each for half a syn or 34 calories per portion.  Much better than a bought onion relish/chutney and a really tasty substitute.

Next time I will try adding a bit of fresh chilli to the mix for some spicy ooomph - or maybe a bit of ginger - or how about some crushed pineapple?  The possibilities are endless really.

When you make it, open your kitchen window, close the door and turn the extractor fan to maximum!

I only have one photo at present, on steak.  It was lovely with the chips as well.

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