Wednesday 4 August 2021

Wednesday, 04-08-21

 Good morning.

Yesterday's meals:

  When it came to it, I didn't fancy the planned yogurt on the fruit so I just had it chopped into bite sized bits and it was wonderfully fresh and sweet.  I had an apple, a kiwi, two plums and some strawberries, the last of the PYO fruit.
156 calories.
Lunch was the mini tortillas, semi invented (although how can you 'invent' anything quiche like; maybe I should say made without using a recipe) and they worked really well.  The mixture made six - Val had two, I had two and the freezer will have two  I added an arbitrary 50 calories for salad (which I didn't weigh) and we had a satsuma each for dessert.
340 - ish calories.

This was so filling and very tasty.  The salad was just leftovers from lunch and no way did I have any room left for yogurt.
What with the roll, a big burger, two rashers of bacon and two sliced of smoked applewood, it came to 725 calories, which is fine because the total for the day is 1219 calories - two As, one B and around nine syns altogether (I scoffed another slice of cheese which I had to syn).

Today's plans:

B:  mini frittatas, tomatoes and mushrooms.
Instead of freezing the mini frittatas I made yesterday, I'm going to warm them up and have them with some spray fried mushrooms and tomatoes (probably not from the garden though - they need a few more days to ripen more).
SW:  one healthy extra A for cheese (actually, a bit less but we will call it an A) while the rest of free, one way or another

L:  sushi and salad; fruit
I do like the Aldi 'sushi selection and it needs using today (oh, the hardship!).
SW:  three and a half syns for the sushi and the rest should be free

D: stir fry chicken and veg; yogurt
I want to try that crispy chilli beef again with with chicken instead of beef and without the 'crispy' bit.  I may or may not have noodles or rice with it, I'll see how I feel.
SW:  I think it is half a syn for the bbq sauce while everything else is free, and the yogurt is half a syn

one healthy extra A
no healthy extra B today
four and a half syns


  1. That's a nice tasty looking selection, I did miss having a lot of fruit but now in my eye I see a bowl of sugar. The keto diet's changed the way I see food now.

    1. I differentiate between naturally occurring sugar and added sugar. Couldn't be happy without my fruit! ;-)