Monday 2 August 2021

Monday, 02-08-21

Good morning.

Jen (SW leader) posted this last night.  I'm going to be filling it in - crayons are at the ready!

I want to see pretty much all green.
It reminds me of school.  For a while, my class had a tidy table picture on each table, one bit to be completed at the end of each day, the reasoning being that if they left their table box (with all the pens, pencils, etc) in good nick, that was fine - this was well pre-Covid, of course.
It worked really well.  Maybe I'm a five/six year old at heart.

Yesterday's meals:

A very nice fruit salad consisting of a kiwi, a nectarine, an apple, some blueberries and some strawberries plus 100g 0% Greek yogurt.
And all for 227 calories, speed and free.

I had visitors for lunch who arrived just as it was time to serve up so I didn't take a photo.  However, it was a lovely roast dinner - roast beef, roasted butternut squash, new potatoes, bread beans, carrots and Yorkshire puddings.  Boy, I was full!  Even better, there's enough left over to 'feed' the soup I plan to make for lunch today.
It came to 535 calories which was a bit of a guesstimate but I was careful with portions and it was all lean and healthy.

This was dinner.  The cream blobs are mayo mixed with horseradish and lemon juice and it was nice, although next time less mayo - it was too much and I'd prefer a more pronounced horseradish tang to it.  From now on, one tbsp mayo to half a tbsp horseradish and a good dash of lemon juice.

Last of all, I had a Mullerlight and the lot came to 308 calories.

The day's total was 1070 calories, mainly, I guess, because I had no healthy extras.  However, I had jolly good meals, filling and satisfying and I am sure those calories will even out over time.

Today's plans:

B:  bacon, beans and tomatoes
The baked beans were leftovers from Saturday so ought to be eaten today and some of the tomatoes are from the garden.
SW:  should be free and speed

L:  bean, veg and beef soup; fruit
I have roast beef left over from yesterday so I will make a soup with left over veg, mixed beans, shredded beef and passata/stock with some cheddar sprinkled over for more yum.  I'll probably have a pitta to dunk in as well.
SW:  one healthy extra B for the pitta, one A for the cheese but the rest should be free or speed.

D:   crispy chilli beef ; yogurt
Deferred from Saturday, this is a SW recipe so we will see quite how crispy or chilli it actually is.
SW:  one and a half syns for the recipe (it says) and half a syn for dessert

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
two syns


  1. I've never tried horseradish sauce. Is it very hot?

    1. Depends. The kind I have (from Sainsbury's) is labelled hot. If you get creamed horseradish (which is very nice), it's much milder. I think the latter might be better if you've never had any - it's lovely with beef, I think.