Wednesday 18 August 2021

Wednesday, 18-08-21

Morning, everyone.

People doing Calorie Counting using the Nutracheck app can have what they call an 'easier day'.  That means they can set the app to give them one or two days when their calorie limit is higher and the rest of the week them compensates.  A really useful approach that takes account of the ups and downs of social life and 'hungry' days.
I'm doing the opposite for a few weeks.  Not an easier day but a stricter day when I try to keep the calories at around 1000 for the day.  Only a couple of times a week, maybe a bit like the 5-2 approach except that I could never get as low as they want on the two days - between 600 and 800 calories, I believe.  No, thank you.
However, 1000 is doable and I can still have satisfying and filling meals.  It's a case of avoiding the fats and the simple carbs and going for protein, fruit and veg really.  And if I really can't, I have another 300 calories to play around with.
Today is going to be a stricter day, fingers crossed.

Yesterday's meals:

Well, that used up the leftover baked beans very nicely!
The SW friendly Scotch egg was really very nice; I was surprised.
The brown sludge on the salad was a spray dressing - raspberry balsamic or balsamic raspberry, one or t'other.

I had a couple of plums and a nectarine halfway through the afternoon.

This was the next Chicken Challenge dinner - chicken escalope with butternut squash chips, corn and a little salad.  It worked extremely well although I think that, had the breadcrumbs been dried, it would have turned out more crunchy.  No complaints - it was delicious and so filling I didn't have anything else.

Today's plans:

B:  breakfast muffins, tomatoes on the side
When I get bacon nowadays, I look carefully at the back bacon because often it's not fatty and you can get a decent amount of bacon after cutting off the fat.  Yesterday, after trimming, there were quite a lot of bacon bits so I'm using them for a couple of breakfast muffins with a bit of onion, a bit of red pepper, a bit of mushroom and maybe a bit of Linda McCartney sausage too, sliced into rounds.  I have leftovers of a can of chopped tomatoes to use up so I can let that bubble and reduce down while the 'muffins' are cooking.
Very breakfast.
SW:  should all be speed, free and protein, no syns

L:  beef salad; fruit
I have some deli slices of beef to use up so they will be nice in a salad.  It will also make a very SW friendly lunch for very little effort!
SW:  if I make some coleslaw, it will be one syn for the mayo and I may spend a syn on some horseradish on the beef

D:  Chinese chicken and veg curry; frozen fruit yogurt
I've made this before and it's nice.  I will use the Mayflower curry sauce plus the chicken and some onion, pepper, baby corn and peas.).
Runner beans will maker a good sub for rice or pasta and I have some picked yesterday.
It's another for the Chicken Challenge!
Instead of a plain yogurt, I rather fancy semi-frozen fruit yogurt.  You put a Mullerliught in a small blender, add some frozen fruit and zizz until all the frozen fruit is bashed up and the whole tghings goes into a semi frozen slush.  It's really nice.
SW: The curry sauce is three syns and the dessert will be half a syn (I refuse to syn fruit justbbecause it has been chopped about more than a bit!)

No healthy extras again.  MUST make sure I get some tomorrow.
Five and a half syns

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