Saturday 14 August 2021

Saturday, 14-08-21

 Good morning.
It was a good SW meeting yesterday.  However, I only lost one pound which was a bit of a blow.  I suppose after my few blips during the week, it's as much as can be expected.
Anyway, I had a more relaxed day yesterday and am back on it again today

I have ticked myself off for feeling disappointed and from now on I am going to be glad for whatever loss it turns out to be.  It's on the right direction, that is all that matters.  :-)

I'm still checking calories but sticking to the SW structure.

Yesterday's meals:

I know it looks a mess, but the tomatoes were as close to how Mum used to do them as I could manage.  I left the fat on the bacon because it does impart flavour, there's no doubt, and cut it off before eating the rest so better than nothing.
There's nothing nicer than tomatoes from the garden.

I didn't have a proper lunch, so no photo.

The chicken burger, second of the meals for my chicken challenge was absolutely gorgeous.  

I have learnt that one chicken breast fillet, halved and hammered flat makes enough for two people!!  If you look carefully, I have two stacked in the roll and it was way, way too much.  I managed it but couldn't finish the chips (left about half of them), nor the salad.  From now on, when I buy chicken breast fillets, I will halve them before freezing, because I am so going to make it again.  
The slice of cheese was unnecessary.  Next time, leaves and sliced tomatoes would be better and add a touch of colour too.
I'll post it as a separate recipe later on, it is worth it.
Today's plans:

B:  oat pancakes with fruit and yogurt
I decided to be a Good Girl and swap the usual wholemeal flour for oats today.  It's been a while since I had pancakes made with oats and I seem to remember they take longer to cook - we will see.
SW:  one healthy extra B, half a syn for flavoured yogurt and the rest is speed/free

L:  chicken salad; fruit
I have a pack of sweet and smoky bbq chicken breast slices from Morrisons so I will use half of that with a nice mixed salad
SW:  one syn for the chicken, one for some dressing and the rest is free, one way and another

D:  chicken and apple casserole, veg (most likely runner beans and broccoli); yogurt
The next recipe in the chicken challenge, this is (I think) a Gousto meal but I can work out the ingredients.  I'm cheating a little bit and will call the soft cheese I use a healthy extra A.
Basically, you bung everything into a casserole dish and into the oven for a while.  Cook the veg and Bob's your uncle.  It has apple, chicken, green beans (which I will use runner beans for instead), chives, rice wine (I will use rice wine vinegar or cider vinegar, I think), mustard, onion, stock and soft cheese.  I might add some mushrooms - they go well with apple and chicken, I think.
SW:  one healthy extra A for the soft cheese (a bit of a cheat, I know), one syn for mustard and I'm pretty sure the rest is free.  Half a syn for dessert.

one healthy extra A (sort of)
one healthy extra B
four syns


  1. Well done on the 1lb off!! The bacon and tomatoes looks absolutely gorgeous, I could eat that right now (husband's just doing us cheesy scrambled egg). I reckon you're doing very well, Joy - you've had SO much to contend with the past few weeks, so the very fact that you're staying (mostly) on track and losing weight, however slowly, is a miracle. Congratulations xx

    1. Cheesy scrambled egg sounds gorgeous. I bet you enjoyed that!
      Thank you for your kind words. You, and all the others, have helped me so much to get a better perspective on things and to recognise that, despite the gain, things are going very well indeed and should continue to do so. I will get there.
      Thank you again - it helps so much.