Sunday 8 August 2021

Sunday, 08-08-21

 Hello again.
It was not a great day yesterday.  Now and again I find myself missing my Dad very much and yesterday was one of those days.  It doesn't help that I'm waking at stupid o'clock at the moment and can't get back to sleep so, by late afternoon, I am very tired and resistance is low anyway.

So I'm drawing that proverbial line (yet again) and moving on, trying to forget that I've pretty much scuppered my chances of much of a loss this week.

Yesterday's photos:

I know it doesn't look fancy but it was really nice.  Griddling the pineapple seemed to sweeten it and the maple syrup went so well with the waffles and fruit.
297 calories
Piri piri chicken, pineapple and mayo go very well together, I have decided.  Yum!
Finished off with some strawberries, the whole lot was only 193 calories which seems so low I have double checked it.

Sadly, it all went belly up in the evening.  It was a sad day anyway; sometimes things just hit and I think it is mentally healthiest to just go with the flow a bit and acknowledge my feelings but it doesn't help the food intake one little bit.
Oh, well, today is another day and I'm planning a 'strict' day.

Today's plans:
I'm trying to have a strict day today although I need to be careful that the nibblies don't start up again so aiming for low but filling.  A bit of a challenge but maybe I need a challenge.

B:  fruit
I have set aside an apple, a pear and three plums.  I find the good old English fruits are generally more filling than hot country fruits like peaches, etc.
SW  speed

L:  sausage 'pasta', konjac noodles; fruit
I didn't make this yesterday but had defrosted the sausages so it's on the menu for lunch.  I've just made it and it's gently bubbling away in a covered pan.  I used two skinny sausages, skins removed and shaped into balls, a can of chopped tomatoes, onion, pepper, baby corn, mushrooms and balsamic vinegar, garlic, tomato puree and seasonings.  I will be using konjac noodles instead of pasta shapes - more filling and far fewer calories.  
Looking at it, it's going to make two portions.
SW:  one syn for the skinny sausages and one for the noodles

D:    Stuffed chicken breast, broad beans, roasted tomatoes; yogurt
A sort of Sunday roast for one.  I will cut a slit in a chicken breast fillet and insert a Linda McCartney onion and rosemary sausage which tastes just like stuffing.  Then I will wrap the chicken in some bacon, then in foil and bake it.  I think it should be quite tasty.  The broad beans are from the allotment and the tomatoes mostly from the garden - lovely.  I have some leftover passata so I'm going try and make a nice SW friendly sauce instead of gravy to go over the chicken.
Hopefully, a good evening meal will help with any persistent nibblies.
SW:  half a syn for yogurt.

It's not good Slimming World today; no healthy extras and two and a half syns


  1. I'm sorry you had such a sad evening, Joy. These things happen, it's completely understandable (and inevitable after the loss of a dearly loved one) and, as you say, best to just go with the flow and do what needs must. I hope your sleeping patterns sort themselves out very soon (I know how frustrating it is!), I'm sure that once you're sleeping better, your resistance and resolve will be so much stronger. Look after yourself, Joy, you're doing great. xx

    1. Thanks, Sooze. You really are such an encourager and I appreciate you very much.

    2. You do the same for me! xx