Sunday 29 August 2021

Sunday, 29-08-21

 Good morning.
I spent a very profitable afternoon going through all my most recent foody magazines and  noting the recipes that catch my eye as being my sort of thing and adaptable for SW.  I could just cut them out but I had my magazines on so I think I will do some photocopying with my printer later on.

Yesterday's photos:

Not as colourful as some of my pancake breakfasts but it was scrummy.
I have some smaller eggs so I cut down the oats to 30g, used 25 ml milk and a splash of water.  They were different from the yogurt ones which are somehow softer, but they were just as nice. 
The yogurt was a Light and Free (or Free and Light, I forget which way round) white chocolate flavour, half a syn, and very nice too.

This was the thick cut bacon/thin gammon for lunch.  The salsa was really nice - 45g frozen pineapple (thawed, obviously), some chilli (not enough), 40 peeled and seeded tomatoes, 28g cucumber, plus some mint, all well chopped and mixed together.  It was really good and there was plenty left to have with the salmon in the evening.

Then I had two plums and two easy peelers followed by a nectarine.

Later on, I had 30g cheddar to nibble because I had the calories and needed the healthy extra.

Dinner was quick and simple.  The other half of the salsa went very well with the salmon and you can see it more clearly in this photo.
Last of all, I had a flavoured yogurt.

Today's plans:

B:  bacon and egg muffin, tomatoes on the side
This is the bread muffin, not the egg muffin thing and there will be loads of tomatoes.  :-)
SW:  one healthy extra B for the muffin and one syn for some Crucials bbq sauce which I love.

L:  Sunday 'roast':  slow cooked gammon, runner beans, broccoli, broad beans, roasties, new potatoes; fruit
I've used this recipe from the wonderful Tastefully Vikkie site for the slow cooked gammon, leaving it on low all last night and the house smelled wonderful this morning.  I am sure I can use the residual stock for a nice bbq-ish sauce instead of gravy and I probably won't do the honey glaze at the end.   
I'm having new potatoes, Alex is having roasties and Beth is having both lol.
The broadies, runners and new potatoes are from the allotment so yummy!
I can stick with the restricted eating schedule today as Beth and Al won't be at mine until just before two.
SW:  all the above is SW syn free or speed but the sauce will probably carry a few syns which I will need to consider when I've made it.

D:  cheg and salad; yogurt
I'm aware that I haven't had any healthy extras so I can pile on the 'ch' part of cheg.  I think two eggs and a nice big salad will be perfect.
Rather an eggy day but not to worry.
SW:  up to two healthy extra As for cheese, up to two syns for salad dressing and half a syn for the yogurt

up to two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
three and a half syns plus whatever I use to make the sauce on the gammon

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