Monday 9 August 2021

Monday, 09-08-21

Well, yesterday was a much better day, thank goodness.  Sometimes I think I must be a very all or nothing girl, either totally on or totally off.  There must be a middle way and I need to find it!

Today, I am off to Dad's for just a day, doing some sorting out.  I'm planning meals very carefully and, of course, will need to take pretty much what I need with me so I have worked out two day's worth of planning and will put it all down here.  It gives me confidence to know what I am going to have.

Yesterday's photos:

I enjoyed these.  Just what an overloaded tum needed.

It would have been nice with some cheese on top but, seeing as I scoffed enough cheese to last a month on Saturday evening, I thought I'd give it a miss this time.

The stuffed chicken worked out really well.  Instead of making a sauce, I had some of the onion chutney I made the other day and it was so tasty.
A yogurt finished it all off nicely and, for a super-strict day, I've been very happy with all the meals.

Today's meal plans:

B:  fruit and yogurt
I have loads of strawberries and a fair bit left of the pineapple so I will have some of them with some plain yogurt flavoured with sweetener and vanilla as I think that goes so well with pineapple.
SW:  speed and free, no syns

L:  crustless quiche, salad; fruit
A sort of quiche lorraine with added veg, I was going to use bacon with all the veg - onion, mushroom, red pepper and baby corn (because that's what I've got) - but I came back from Beth with a lovely yellow courgette so I think I will slice some very thin and use it to sort of line my little individual quiche dish.  I'll be getting protein from the egg and the cheese anyway.
The fruit will likely be more pineapple and strawberries!
SW:  one healthy extra A for cheese.  I will need a splash of milk but not enough to count.

D:    sausage not-pasta; yogurt
Well, what can you call it when it's called sausage pasta but you've cut the pasta?
As I will be at Dad's for the night, it makes sense to take something with me and this is the other half of what I made yesterday.  I can add some vegetables from his freezer.
SW:  half a syn for the skinny sausage and half for the konjac noodles (the whole pack is one and a half - one yesterday and half today) plus half for the dessert

still being strict in order to make up for Saturday.
one healthy extra A
one and a half syns
Tomorrow's meal plans:  subject to change/additions

B:  fruit and yogurt
Probably a kiwi, a nectarine and a banana
SW:  half a syn for the yogurt

L:  roast dinner soup, croutons; fruit
I will take the last pot of this soup, frozen last week, with me.  I know there's still some bread in the freezer so I can make some croutons to add to the soup.  I might add some grated parmesan, if there's any in the fridge.  If not, I can't!  :-)
SW:  the soup is speed and free, the cheese is a healthy extra A and the croutons will be my healthy extra B

D:  smoky bbq chicken, salad
This is a Slimwell meal from Aldi and is 331 calories which is fine.  It's one of the few 'slimming' meals that I actually rather like.
SW:  one syn for the meal

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
one and a half syns
The last super strict day after which I should be firmly back in the driving seat and compensated for Saturday's crash - well, one can hope, can't one?


  1. Well, you deserve a loss for getting back on track so efficiently. xx

    1. Fingers crossed, eh. I can but hope. Anyway, I'm enjoying the food. :-)