Friday 20 August 2021

Friday, 20-08-21

Weigh day today - I'll let you know.
Usually, weigh day evening involves a bit of going off plan and today is no exception.  Actually, I was pondering this and wondering - if you plan to go off plan, can it be said that you are actually off plan at all?
Answers on a postcard, please . . .

Anyway, today I am expecting my Hello Fresh delivery.  These are averaging around one delivery per month (three meals, two portions) which works well for me and feels reasonable.  They're not cheap but I don't eat out much, I don't go out for drinks, etc, so it's not as spendthrift as it might sound.
I have what sounds like four lovely meals heading my way today and I think I've decided what I will have this evening although this does depend on use by dates, of course.

Yesterday's meals:

A very patriotic breakfast all red, white and blue- or perhaps I should call it a Tudor Rose breakfast.
Either would do for a very nice, fruity meal.  
I had the planned yogurt but didn't want any toast.
It was too sunny for a nice photo but it was good.   I ended up doing the sticky chicken in a saucepan and it was very quick and easy.  It just looks a mess on the plate.  I need to think of a better way to present the food.
Well, dinner was not so much a lasagne, more a sloppy dollop.  The mince mixture was sloppy and I forgot that I wasn't using pasta which would absorb the extra liquid.  Never mind, it tasted jolly good, all the same, and it was lovely to have a proper cheese sauce, albeit only a very little one.
No room for a dessert.

Today's plans:

B:  fruity pancakes or waffles with yogurt
The usual post weigh in breakfast, which is a great favourite and very much enjoyed.
SW:  one healthy extra B for oats and half a syn for a flavoured yogurt

L:  sushi, coleslaw and salad; fruit
When I went shopping in Aldi, I treated myself to my usual sushi as a treat.  It has to be eaten today because of the date so oh dear, what a hardship, etc
SW:  one and a half syns for the sushi, one syn for coleslaw and up to one syn for mayo on the salad

D:  Thai spiced naked burger with sweet potato fries and salad; yogurt
'Naked' means no bread roll which is just as well as I have already had my healthy extra B for the day.  The bumph says that it is 579 calories and it will carry some syns as it contains panko breadcrumbs and peanuts.  I might work out the syns but I might just say it is an off plan meal and go with the calories instead.
Hello Fresh meals are two portions so I will probably make up both burgers and freeze one of them for another time.  Most of the other ingredients can go into general circulation!
If, by any chance, the box isn't delivered until late, I will have a Sainsbury's pizza, the kind that is between 400 and 500 calories for the whole lot, instead..
SW:  not known at present

syns and healthy extras unknown today.

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