Thursday 19 August 2021

Thursday, 19-08-21


Yesterday's meals:

This was so filling.  Not exactly muffin shape because I decided to use a Yorkshire pudding tin where the holes are around 4"/10cm across, they were more like little quiches but very nice to look at, all the same.  The sauce was just some leftover chopped tomato, simmered down until thick and with a touch of sweetener and 10ml of bbq sauce.

I might do a separate post about this; it was a good breakfast.

I was still feeling rather not-hungry by the time lunch rolled around so kept it rather simple with the meat that needed using, a very simple salad and some horseradish and a bit of mayo.  Perfect!
I had an apple afterwards.

Mayflower curry sauce may not be high cuisine but, if you like Chinese curry, it's quite good all the same.  I enjoyed this.

I blended 100g frozen cherries with a cherry Mullerlight to make a very refreshing and satisfying dessert.

And that was my stricter day.  It didn't feel strict at all.

Today's plans

B:  fruit and yogurt, marmite toast
I have lots of melon to use up and also some mango.  By the time it's breakfast, I will have stocked up with more fruit so it will me a mix of what I fancy really.
SW:  speed and free, half a syn for yogurt and I may not have the toast (half a B), it depends how hungry I am after shopping first thing

L:  sticky chicken, salad; fruit
This looks easy.  Make a sauce from equal amounts of honey, balsamic vinegar and soy sauce.  Mix with cubed chicken and marinate for half an hour or so, then bake in the oven until cooked and sticky.
SW:  two and a half syns for one tbsp honey, the rest is speed, free and/or protein

D:  lasagne, coleslaw, salad; yogurt
It's about time I made some lasagne, I haven't had it for ages and I have the perfect little dish, one portion sized with high sides, a bit like a little butter dish except that it isn't!.  As a sop to calories, instead of using actual lasagne pasta, I can slice some yellow courgette to use instead.  I have the mince in the freezer and I will use both my healthy extras on a good dose of cheese including a proper cheese sauce (the milk will have to come out of the healthy extra A).
SW:  two healthy extra As for both cheese and milk, one syn for super low mayo and half a syn for yogurt
Edited to add - I totally forgot about butter and flour - four syns for butter and one syn for flour.  Ooops

two healthy extra As
half a healthy extra B
four nine and a half syns


  1. I'm glad I saw your mini 'quiches' I'd put the big Yorkshire pudding tins in the box for the charity shop... Now I will take them back out again and use them to make those breakfast muffins.

    1. I've nearly got rid of mine a few times too. :-)