Tuesday 24 August 2021

Tuesday, 24-08-21


Yesterday's meals:

A really simple and easy breakfast.  The hardest bit was going out into the garden to pick the blueberries!

I was right - second day panzanella salad was very tasty indeed.  There's lots of salad leaves underneath, I added tomato and cucumber and it was just so delicious.

I had a nectarine late afternoon too.

Dinner was hunter's chicken and it was so good.  I added all sorts of things to the passata including bbq sauce, lemon juice, garlic, wine vinegar, tomato puree - oh, lots of things.
Google Pinch of Nom hunters chicken for the recipe or hop back to yesterday's plans where I put a link.
There's a little bit of sauce left over, not enough to freeze.  I might use it as a sauce for the chicken I'm having for lunch tomorrow
The day's eating finished off with some kvarg.
Today's plans:

B:  fruit salad and some Greek yogurt
I have the dentist first thing and before breakfast but I think it's just to take a mould, not for any treatment.  However, if I do have treatment, I can stick to softer fruit if necessary.
SW:  no syns

L:  mango and lime chicken with salad; fruit
. . . and I might have the little bit of leftover sauce over the chicken.  I'll see how I feel tomorrow.
The chicken is the other half of the M&S pack and I'm definitely getting some more.  It is delicious.
SW:  one and a half syns for the chicken and if I have mayo it will be one syn

D:  the last Hello Fresh meal which is balanced mango chicken wraps; yogurt
I have no idea what the 'balanced' bit is for but it all looks very scrummy.    It's the highest calorie one of this delivery so the rest of the day is 'careful'.
They made a mistake with the soft taco wraps - there are two per portion but they've given me eight when there should be four so I will wrap and freeze the other six.  They are not officially B choices so I will syn them but I will consider them my B choice, I won't have another B today.  
SW:  six syns for the wraps and one for mango chutney.  The rest is all speed/free.  Half a syn for the yogurt.

no healthy extra As or B's (not counting the wraps)
ten syns


  1. Lots of cooked things taste better the next day, once the flavours have had time to mature, don't they? I did a trayful of roasted Mediterranean veg to have with sausages last night, the remainder we're having cold for lunch today with Feta cheese crumbled over and a lemony dressing. Your meals are always so colourful, Joy, they're a real treat for the eyes. xx

    1. They really do, especially the ones withy herbs/spices. My mouth is watering at the thought of your lunch - eta goes so well with roasted veg and you can't beat a lemon dressing, I think. xx