Friday 27 August 2021

Friday, 27-08-21

 Good morning.
If you watch YouTube slimming vloggers, you will know that a big part of their channel is 'hauls'.  Hauls are just what they bought in the shops - clothes sometimes, but mostly food.  They give syn/calories/points - whatever rocks their particular slimming boat.
I'm just thinking I might do that in here from time to time, as a separate post.

It's weigh in today and I'm really nervous.  After the last weeks of being on plan for little or no result, I have printed off my Nutracheck info and annotated it with syns, As, Bs, etc and, if the results are still poor this morning, I'm going to ask Jen to go through it and see if there are any issues that I'm just not seeing.  I don't think there are but you never know and another pair of eyes is always useful.

Yesterday's meals.
I didn't take one of breakfast.  It was just some fruit and a yogurt, eaten on the run.

Toastie for lunch.  Really tasty.  I didn't use all the chicken I had planned and saved some top add to the chilli.

I had a peach later on.
I used up some of the black beans in what was going to be a black bean and lentil chilli but I also added some red pepper, some courgette and the rest of the piri piri chicken.  In fact, it was a real bits and bobs leftovers creation although I did have a base recipe to start with; even the runner beans were leftovers!
 It was quite spicy so a dollop of Greek yogurt (not creme fraiche, I changed my mind) on the top was just right.
Typically, I only wanted half so that is today's lunch sorted out.

The day's eating finished with a custard and banana Mullerlight.

Today's plans:

B:  fruit and yogurt waffles
. . .  because I love it.  I may need to celebrate, I may need to commiserate.  This will be perfect for either.
SW:  one healthy extra B and half a syn

L:  leftover chilli and konjac rice
. . . or I might be very naughty and have a pitta for a second healthy extra B
SW:  half a syn for the chilli, one for the rice and six syns or another illegal B for some pitta

D:  either salmon, cheesy chips and salad or steak, cheesy chips and salad; yogurt
I have both so I'll see how I feel when it's time to defrost.
SW:    one or two healthy extra As, three syns for a tsp oil for nice, crunchy chips, half a syn for yogurt.
I may have some sort of sauce too but I don't know what yet.  I'll be sure to count it.

one or two healthy extra As
two healthy extra Bs
five and a half syns plus sauce


  1. I have everything crossed for you today, Joy. You certainly have worked hard enough for a loss. Xx

    1. Well, we will see. Plateaux do happen but this one is a right nuisance now. :-)
      Thanks, Sooze. xx

  2. I'd be interested in a hauls post ... especially want to know about the low calorie pizza you get.

    Hope your weigh in went well. xx

    1. I haven't bought any recently - I save it for a treat and there's a couple in the freezer. But when I do, I would certainly include it. :-)