Saturday 7 August 2021

Saturday, 07-08-21

Good morning!

Oh, dear, it was just half a pound off yesterday which does seem unfair after a week very much on plan.  I do seem to have a pattern of three weeks doing fine and then one week of a more disappointing result or even a gain!  At least it wasn't that!
Thank goodness I so enjoy the way I am eating now and have no inclination to give up or go off the track.   Last week's loss was a pleasant surprise so maybe it's just an evening off.  
Here's to the coming week and the next weigh in.

Yesterday's meal photos:

I decided to finish this off with a tbsp maple syrup for another two syns/40 calories.  It was lovely.
341 calories.
The roast dinner soup was just as nice as Monday and very filling.  With the cheesy pitta, it came to 339 calories and I used one As-worth of cheese.

My Friday treat meal was simple but lovely.  The tomatoes and cucumber were both from the garden and the chutney on the steak was home made (more in a separate post) and went really well.
I'm afraid I totally forgot to enter the details in Nutracheck so don't have any calorie information.

Today's meal plans:

B:   waffles and fruit
Made the usual way, using SR wholemeal flour as a B choice (not officially though) and I might griddle some pineapple to add a touch of caramelisation.  No added sugar, just pineapple and, no, I am not going to syn it just because I have applied a bit of warmth.   I also fancy drizzling a tbsp of honey or maple syrup over the top like yesterday.  Nice!
SW:  one healthy extra B, half a syn if I use Mullerlight and two and a half syns for one tbsp honey or two syns for maple syrup.

L:  chicken and pineapple salad; fruit
I know this sounds odd, but I have some piri piri chicken left over and this pineapple that also needs using so I fancy cutting the chicken into chunks, mixing it with some pieces of pineapple and having it over leaves.  I found a recipe that suggests adding some mayo - I'll have a think and let you know!
SW  half a syn for the chicken

D:   sausage pasta, side salad; yogurt
This is another recipe from the current SW magazine (p. 28), slightly adapted to include more veg, such as baby corn and mushrooms.
It's made exactly the same as any pasta dish of that type so it's not rocket science.  Nice and easy and can be prepped in advance.  My kind of recipe!  You could use the same sauce for meatballs, chicken - any kind of meat really.
SW:  one syn for two skinny sausages and a healthy extra A for Italian cheese on top plus half a syn for the yogurt

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
four and a half syns


  1. Sorry it was only half a pound after all your hard work and a good healthy eating week. But, as you say, at least it's still a loss and not a gain! So well done anyway Joy xx

    1. Thanks, Sooze. I do feel better about it now than yesterday and, as you say, it's a loss.
      I'm loving the food anyway. :-)