Wednesday 11 August 2021

Wednesday, 11-08-21

 Morning, everyone.
Back home again and thankful that, although I went a teeny weeny bit off track on Monday evening, it could have been a whole lot worse and it hasn't derailed me longer term at all.
Yesterday was so busy, it was really easy to stay on plan.

After my chicken post yesterday, I have decided to work my way through the ten listed meals/recipes over the next fortnight.  Then I can redo the post with photos, links, recipes, as appropriate (and legal!)

It won't be unrelenting chicken though as Friday next week I am getting another Hello Fresh delivery.  They are averaging out at about once a month which works for me and, surprisingly, I am remembering to go in and cancel for the weeks in between.  They haven't goofed much up either.  One hears horror stories but I suppose we always hear the bad things, never the good.
They have a range that is classified as 'under 600 calories' and the four I have chosen for next week look lovely.
They are:
mango chicken wraps
Thai spiced naked burgers (i.e. no bread roll!!)
teriyaki pork noodle stirfry
panzanella salad (which I've had before and it is lovely)

I can see this becoming a bit of a monthly treat for me but at some point I want to try a few other companies too.

Monday and Tuesday's photos:

This was Monday's breakfast and it was delicious.

Monday's lunch:  a sort of quichy thing.  I lined the little dish with finely sliced courgette and it worked very well indeed.

No photos of what I had for the unplanned dinner Monday evening.
Yesterday's breakfast was fruit - apple, pear and banana
Lunch was what I had planned for Monday dinner - sausage not pasta.
Again, no photos as I was very busy and eating on the run, so to speak.
And dinner.  A Slimwell ready meal but the best bit is that it was the first fresh runner beans of the year, picked in Dad's garden and brought home.  And they were so, so good.
Dessert was a Mullerlight

It's amazing how much good stuff one can have and still keep the calories under control!

Today's plans:  I'm rather enjoying this 'strict' thing.  It is challenging me in a good way, to really think about everything and making sure I have plenty of fruit and veg.
Breakfast and dinner seem rather odd, I know, but I have stuff to use up and I'm not wasting it.

B:  roast dinner soup.
I know . . . but I defrosted it and must either eat it today or chuck it out and I don't want to do that.  I'm not having any extra bits with it, just the soup.
Specific foods for specific meals is just a social convention anyway!
SW:  free - no syns

L:  smoky bbq chicken with a side salad; fruit
What you see on the dinner plate above is about two thirds of the ready meal so I'm having the rest today.  
SW:  I'm calling it half a syn for the chicken (it's less really) and half a syn for some spray salad dressing.  The mixed salad will be pretty much all speed

D:  chicken in orange sauce, stir fry vegetables, konjac rice; yogurt
The first of my chicken challenge meals, this is in the Pinch of Nom Everyday Light book.  It's not on the web site, sadly, so I can't point the way.  It uses xanthan gum as a thickener and, luckily, I have some in the cupboard. 
I've dug the bag of frozen stir fry veg from the depths of the freezer so if I don't feel like using fresh, I have that as a fall back.  I do have the veg for fresh though so it depends on energy levels!  I'll let you know!
SW:  I think the chicken is syn free, one syn for the rice, half a syn for the yogurt

The healthy extras do seem to be taking a bit of a battering at the moment but I'm not so fussed really.  They will be back!
Two and a half syns

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