Monday 23 August 2021

Monday, 23-08-21

As well as always looking out for new or different recipes to try out,  a very helpful strategy for keeping interest levels up, another thing that really helps is my notebook.

When I sit down to plan, my mind can go completely blank, especially when it comes to lunches.  I need them to be fairly light as I like dinner to be the bigger meal.  That's because after dinner there is the long fasting time before restricted eating starts again at around eleven the next day.

Lunch ideas come at the oddest time and I have learnt that when they do come, I must write them down quickly, before other things crowd them out.

Hence my notebook.  Such a big help.

Yesterday's meals:

I have this quite regularly.  It is tasty, feels really breakfasty and fills me up nicely.   It's pretty love calorie and no syns.
What more could one ask from a breakfast?

A bit later on, I had half a peach (the other half was trying to escape from the fruit bowl) and a pear

I've had this before and know it is nice.  Smoked salmon  blended with Philly light, a bit of mayo, dill, salt, pepper, garlic granules and lemon juice.
I had an apple for afters and later on I had my second healthy extra A in the form of a nibble of cheddar.

I remembered this was nice from the last time.  I am very fond of roasted butternut squash and it goes so well with feta.

I've planned the other portion for lunch tomorrow.

Today's plans:

B:  fruit salad and yogurt
SW:  half a syn if I use a Mullerlight

L:  panzanella salad, tomatoes and cucumber; fruit
This is the other half of yesterday's Hello Fresh meal, reheated.  I didn't add the feta or the croutons - I will do the croutons fresh today - and I think that, as often happens, the flavour will have developed well.
SW:  SW:  one healthy extra A and one B plus three syns for the oil 

D:  hunter's chicken, runner beans; yogurt
This is the next in the Chicken Challenge and it's a Pinch of Nom recipe, found here.
The recipe says it is 314 calories, although I will double check that when I put the recipe together, and I'm allowing 30g cheddar (the recipe says less) and I'm also adding some red pepper and mushroom to the mix.  I don't have all the seasonings the recipe asks for but that's OK, I can sub quite happily!
Also, I am making some passata out of a pile of garden tomatoes so that should really move the flavour on.
SW:  one healthy extra A, up to one syn for some bbq sauce, half a syn for some buffalo seasoning and half a syn for the dessert

two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
five and a half syns
I'm definitely being an angelic SW girl today - can you see my halo?


  1. Halo shining! I love fruit salad, panzanella and hunter's chicken - can I move in with you? Lol xx

    1. lol - that would be fun. Maybe, one day, we can meet up. You never know. xx

  2. Your halo is positively blinding me. I said oooh yum, several times when I read todays post.

    1. < chuckle > I've said much the same thing whilst eating today!
      It's lucky I have a self-polishing halo really!