Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Day 1 24-1-17

So - off we go.  I think the best thing to do will be to post in the mornings with the plans and again in the evenings, once I know exactly what I've had and what it costs.

I have £27.71 left after taking out bread (home made), oil (in my misto), butter (1/4 pack), milk (1 pint) and herbs/seasonings.

Today's plans:
B: a third of a tin of baked beans (Aldi, 25p - 8p); 2 slices of toast (home made - 2p); bit of butter (a)*
L: home made carrot and lentil soup; yogurt (a) and tinned pineapple (Morrisons Savers 27p - 6p)
D: sliced of ham (free as I brought it home after visiting my parents), home made spicy wedges, brussels sprouts, home made spicy ketchup (3p)
I'm also going to a baby shower after school and there will be cake. Even better - free cake!   Free cake is always good!

Back later!

(a means already accounted for)

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