Sunday, 29 January 2017

End of day 6

Well, today has been a funny old day!
For a start, I totally forgot to have breakfast as I set to prepping stuff for dinner and making the veg soup out of the peelings
Lunch was as expected.
Tea-  didn't fancy it.  I had a little pot of peanuts for protein and I've enjoyed some fruit - an apple and an orange

So, here's the figures.
B:  0p
L:  little bit of roast beef - 30p; roasties - 5p; sprouts - 5p; broccoli - 3p; carrots - 3p; parsnips - 8p; total 54p
T:  peanuts - 8p; apple - 8p; orange =- 8p; total 24p

I had £23-85
Today's total:  78p
Remaining:  £23.07

And I have veg left.  I shall make some bubble and squeak for tomorrow's dinner.  The amounts are about similar to what I had today so I guess the cost will be too,  I won't be far out, anyway.

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