Friday, 23 June 2017

Day 15

After yesterday's health-crash, I've been extra organised this morning.  The food is out of the freezer, ready and waiting.  When I open the tin of pineapple, it will be portioned out into pots and I will use it over the weekend.

B:  pineapple (from an old tin, 7p), natural yogurt (apf), muesli (gifted)
L:  the beans (9p) on toast (apf) from yesterday
D:  chicken and veg curry (43p) with rice (7p)
S/S:  apple (7p) and banana (12p), maybe a few strawberries (garden)

Please send lots of motivational vibes.  It will help that it's a lot cooler but that's no excuse!  :-)

(apf means 'already paid for' which means when I bought the item I took the whole cost from the budget rather than doing it per portion. It works for things like lettuce, cabbage, milk, yogurt, oil, etc, where working out one portion would make life a lot more complicated!
YS means Yellow Sticker - reduced)

End of the day update:

A really good day today, more or less going according to plan.
B:  Total 7p
L:  Total 9p
D:  I had the banana as a dessert.  Total  62p
No S or S

Today I spent 78p
Budget so far £15.50
Spent: £12.71
Money in hand:  £2.79

And I have planned the next week's meals so am much more likely to stay on track.

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