Thursday, 26 January 2017

Day 3: 26-1-17. Plans

B:  porridge - 4p; pineapple - 6p.  Milk and yogurt already costed

L:  leek and potato soup - to be worked out; bread and butter - 2p; crispy cake - 3p

D:  macaroni cheese with broccoli -10p and 50g peas - 4p

I also have to count some peanuts I had yesterday evening after I'd done all the working out and reporting so that's another 8p!  Bad me!

For the macaroni cheese, making enough for just one, I'm reckoning 50g of cheese at 22p and 50g of macaroni at 5p and whatever flour I use which will be negligible so I'm saying 1p.  Milk and seasonings have already been accounted for.

There will be space for some fruit at some point too.

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