Saturday, 28 January 2017

Day 5: 28-1-17 and a few comments

I've set myself a challenge.  To feed myself for 30 days on £30.  Why?  Well, why not?  I'm enjoying the challenge.

I have £24.60 left!
(apf = already paid for)

This is what I plan to have with prices where I know.

B:  porridge - 2p with home made plum jam - 3p and natural yogurt - apf     Total 5p

L:  broccoli soup, bread roll - 2p, choc crispy cake - 3p

D:  spicy pork pizza
          pizza base made with 100g SR flour - 3p - and some yogurt - apf
          topping of half a portion the pork mince with chilli added (I had the first half yesterday) - 18p
          50g cheese - 22p            Total 43p

Someone asked me about pricing.  I use my calculator and thank the Lord that we use a fully metric system which makes the mathematics easy!  Of course, the results don't usually come out to whole numbers so I apply the mathematical rule of rounding up or down.  If is it .1 to .4 it rounds down to the penny below; if it is .5 or more it rounds up to the next penny.  Overall, it works out pretty close.

With the bread, I assume ten slices to the loaf so 1p per slice.  If I get more than 10 slices, the rest is 'free'.  However, it is hard to slice fresh, home made bread too thinly so ten's about right.

I'm still ahead of myself because of the stuff I've pre-paid for but it's not too bad.

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