Tuesday, 24 January 2017

End of Day 1

Today's dinner.

Breakfast was as before except that I didn't need the apple so I've saved it for supper this evening - total 10p

Lunch:  carrot and lentil soup 14p.  I didn't have time to eat the yogurt and pineapple   Total 14p

Dinner:  ham - free (from the weekend at my parents'); wedges - 15p  (300g wonky potatoes, Morrisons); sprouts 15p (bought before the prices shot up and kept in foil); home made spicy tomato ketchup - 3p.  Then yogurt (a) and pineapple (6p - a fifth of a Morrisons Savers tin, bought when it was still 27p - I wrote the price on the top).  Total 36p

Supper:  apple: 8p (Aldi)

Total:  71p - but it would be more if I hadn't had the free ham!
Remaining:  £27.03

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