Friday, 27 January 2017

End of Day 4

Here we go . . .
(apf = already paid for)

B:  2 slices bread - 2p;  butter - apf;  15g peanut butter - 3p; apple - 8p  Total 13p

L:  leek and potato soup (from yesterday) - 12p;  2 slices bread - 2p; clementine - 8p  Total: 22p

D:  half a portion of pork mince and veg - 18p;  kidney beans - 5p;  50g basmati rice - 7p; chilli powder - apf; natural yogurt - apf   Total: 30p

Very tasty!

I'm trying to make sure I get enough f&v while doing this:
leeks, carrot, celery, onion (in the soup)
carrot, celery, onion, peas, sweetcorn, mixed veg, mixed peppers in the chilli - small amounts
kidney beans (do they count as a veg?  Yes, they do!)

Yes, I think I'm OK with my f&v today.

So . . .
I had:  £25.25
Today's total: 65p
Remaining: £24.60

I had a cunning idea; two cunning ideas really.
The first one was to remember that I have some chopped tomatoes in the freezer made from my own garden produce and free, as my dad provided the plants, bless him.  So I added that to the pork mince mixture.
The other one was about tomorrow.  I shall make some of the yogurt pizza dough which is very frugal and use the other half of the pork mince as the topping with some grated cheese over the top.  Should taste good, don't you think.  Spicy pork and veg pizza!

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