Saturday, 28 January 2017

End of day 5

This how it all panned out.
(apf = already paid for)

B:  porridge - 2p with home made plum jam - 3p and natural yogurt - apf     Total 5p

L:  broccoli soup - 12p, bread roll - 2p, choc crispy cake - 3p  Total 17p

D:  spicy pork pizza

pizza base made with 100g SR flour - 3p - and some yogurt - apf
topping of half a portion the pork mince with chilli added (I had the first half yesterday) - 18p
50g cheese - 22p            Total 43p

And - bad me - some peanuts and a smidgen of cheese that fell off while I was grating it for the pizza.  Total 12p

I had £24.60 
Today's total:  77p
Remaining: £23.83

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