Thursday, 11 May 2017

Day 10

Another £1 day.
I have a friend round for dinner before we go to see a local show but I'm doing a frugal meal as it's so delicious, so I am staying on challenge.

So . . .
B:  poached egg (13p) on pikelet or toast (2p), apple (12p)
L:  jacket potato (2p - see below), cheese (20g 10p), coleslaw (6p)
D:  cheese toasties (20p), coleslaw (6p), mixed salad (some apfs, some to be priced up)
S:  trying for nothing today

I had to pop into Morrisons yesterday evening after the governors' meeting and they had very much reduced some veg.  I got five jacket potatoes for 9p and three peppers for 18p - one yellow, one green and one that seems to be turning red so it's going to go on the window ledge.  I never find real YS reductions like that so maybe I should go after half past seven more often!

They have to be used quite quickly but that's OK.  I shall use some of the yellow pepper in tonight's salad and some of the green one in the curry I'm making tomorrow.  Some may be frozen too.

So that's 27p off the budget!


  1. Our local Morrisons is AMAZING at about 8.30. I often get 4 pints of milk for 9p and all kinds of other goodies, most of which get put in the freezer!

  2. I'm definitely going to make the effort to get there of an evening. Thank goodness for freezers!
    J x