Monday, 19 June 2017

Day 11

I'm back after four days off challenge and raring to go again.  I've been staying with my parents and, as usual, have come home with freebies - soft fruit (in the freezer for years!), yogurt (saves me having to make a batch for a few days) and grapes.

It's so hot today that I really don't feel like much to eat so it's all very simple.
B:  muesli, fruit, toast (free as still away)
L:  beans (8p) on toast (3p)
D:  spag (2p) bol (25p), fruit and yogurt (probably all free - see above)
S:  banana (12p)

Just a one pound day today.

End of day update
B:  Free
L:  I had more beans and no bread.  Total  16p
D:  the bolognaise, from the freezer, was 22p so a total of 24p
S:  fruit and yogurt (garden and gifted), bread roll with cheese.  Total  27p

Today I spent 67p
Budget so far £11.50
Spent: £9.05
Money in hand:  £2.45

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