Thursday, 22 June 2017

Day 14

I was really lucky yesterday.  After the governors' meeting, I popped into Morrisons, just to see, and came out with two large sliced Warburton's wholemeal loaves and a pack of crumpets, each costing just 9p.  I shall take the cost of the loaves off at source so they will be apfs as it will be too tricky to cost each slice and two crumpets will be 3p.
Very pleased with that
I could have got more but there's no more room in the freezer, sadly.

On to today's plans.  It is day 14 and a £1 day
B:  fruit (last of the gifted grapes), yogurt (apf) and muesli (gifted).
L:  probably beans (9p) on toast (apf) as it's so easy.
D:  it's got to be easy as the evening is busy so I will get out another pot of cooked chicken (28p) and make a salad and some coleslaw to go with it (to be costed)
S/S: apple (7p - YS and not perfect but I cut off any bad bits and the rest is absolutely fine), maybe a banana (12p)

Plus the two loaves of bread (18p)

Is anyone else finding they don't want to eat much on these hot days?

Evening update:
A few changes, not terribly healthy ones.  It was a bit crash and burn as far as the calories were concerned.
B:  as planned  Total 2p
L:  two crumpets, toasted, with butter  Total 3p  (the butter was apf and the crumpets were YS)
D:  Oh, dear.  I had the other four YS crumpets and they were, frankly, absolutely delicious.  Total 6p
S/S:  apple    Total 7p

I have GOT to get myself organised again.  OK, yesterday was so, so hot, but I was just lazy and had what was hanging around instead of making the effort to eat properly and healthily - very bad.  Enough is enough.

Not bad for the old budget, mind you!
Today I spent 18p (not great, is it but those YS crumpets were only 9p, you see)
Budget so far £14.50
Spent: £11.93
Money in hand:  £2.57

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