Monday, 5 June 2017

Day 3

Well, after two days away staying with my Mum and Dad, today was going to be  a £1.50 day but, after having pigged myself for two days at their expense, today is going to be a £1 and I will just miss out the two £1.50 days.

The menu today is . . .
B:  fruit and toast (free as still away)
L:  apple (8p), banana (12p)
D:  what's left from one of those supermarket Chinese meals - it was supposed to be a meal for two, it served three of us and enough left for a smallish meal for me tonight.  So free.  Also strawberries from the garden, of which there ought to be loads.
S/S:  Not sure yet.

A good start back on challenge but, of course, a one off.

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