Sunday, 11 June 2017

Day 7

I'm back and it is day 7 - a £1.50 day today.

B:  Left over scone ( about 4p) with jam (guesstimate of 3p as it's home made from garden fruit), banana (12p)
L:  Cheese toastie (20p-ish), coleslaw (8p), salad (don't know yet)
D:  chicken drumsticks (50p) in a sticky sauce (about 10p-ish), more salad, strawberries (garden) and yogurt (apf)

Plus a sweet potato (57p), a cucumber (39p), and a batch of yogurt (49p) which will be apfs.

The sticky sauce will be a mixture of oil and balsamic and honey with mustard, garlic and a bit of smoked paprika or something like that.

(apf means 'already paid for' which means when I bought the item I took the whole cost from the budget rather than doing it per portion. It works for things like lettuce, cabbage, milk, yogurt, oil, etc, where working out one portion would make life a lot more complicated!
YS means Yellow Sticker - reduced)

Not bad, actually.
B and L were the same except that I had another left over scone for a dessert at lunch tome - naughty!.
For D I had two drumsticks in the sauce but didn't fancy anything else.  Flippin' hay fever.
B:  Total 19p
L:  Total 42p
D:  Total 70p

Today I spent £1.31 plus £1.45 on those spfs
Budget so far £7.50
Spent: £6.52
Money in hand: slightly complicated calculation involving using up the rest of the money left over from May but it looks as if I am £1.71 in credit

And nothing left from May!

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