Tuesday, 6 June 2017

End of day 3

Just a few slight changes

B:  fruit and toast, not at home.  Free
L:  marmalade on toast, apple, banana.   Total 23p
D:  leftover Chinese meal (gifted) and strawberries from the garden.   Free

I was away over the weekend, staying with my lovely parents, and I came back with two bags of posh muesli* and a bag of granary flour (to turn into loaves, some of which I will take back to them).  So I will be having posh and healthy breakfasts for a while.

Today I spent 23p (unusual but I won't complain!)
Budget so far £3
Spent: £1.56
Money in hand: £1.44p

Plus £3.76 left over from May 
Butter 99p
Herbs and spices £1.00
Carton of milk 45p
Batch of yogurt 49p
Remaining  83p

*Dad saw this little muesli company on a TV programme, looked them up and ordered from them.  Being the generous soul that he is, he ordered some for me too.  So very kind.

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