Sunday, 25 June 2017

Recipe: Pasta with sardines, chilli and lemon

Here's the link to the original.  Scroll down to find it.

This is how I frugalised it.

I used budget penne.
I used sardines in sunflower oil from Aldi.
I used garlic puree and chilli puree from tubes.
The tomato sauce was left over from yesterday and it was passata, made last year with garden grown tomatoes and frozen.  I had reduced it down to a thick consistency and added garlic puree, pepper and oregano leaves.
The lemon was from a bottle of lemon juice, not a fresh lemon.  It was great in this dish.

I also used half a small onion, finely sliced and softened in oil from the can of sardines - didn't need all of it.  I removed most of the skin and the bones from the sardines - fiddly but better, I think.
It took only as long as the pasta took to cook (12 mins) and was really filling as well as frugal.

And here it is.  I'll do this one again, for sure!

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