Friday, 30 June 2017

The freezer challenge: day 2

Just for now, the 30-30/5-2 budget challenges have morphed into something else.  The aim is to free up as much space in my freezers as possible by just eating out of it (plus fridge and cupboard), only buying the basic essentials such as milk, fresh fruit and veg, etc, each week.
It won't be as frugal but it will mean I don't spend too much money on food in July.
AND I can defrost my freezers!

Yesterday I slow roasted a small joint of rolled belly pork and what remains will form the basis of today's meals.

B:  rhubarb, natural yogurt and muesli
L:  shredded pork filled roll, salad, piece of fruit
D:  pork and vegetables with pasta.  Also, I am hoping there will be a courgette or two down the allotment to gently fry in a little garlic butter!
S/S: fruit

I won't need to buy anything for today's food.  Great!

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