Wednesday 2 August 2017

The freezer challenge: day 22

Yesterday turned out better than expected as I had late notice that grandson needed to stay the night.  A few more garden veg and more cooked meat from the freezer and the bake stretched enough for two and a bit left over for my lunch today.
And it was very delicious so I will post the recipe.

Today's plans . . .
B:  toast and jam
L:  leftovers from last night with a tomato and lettuce salad
D:  chicken, new potatoes, green beans and runner beans, gravy and then yogurt

From the freezer:
Just the chicken today but it's the last portion so I can take out the whole container.

I will be buying the yogurt today.

Frugality rating
Pretty good.  Lots of veg from the garden, home made jam and bread, leftovers and the chicken was saved from a time we had roast chicken and I froze what was left.
The veg peelings will go onto the compost heap!

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