Friday 4 August 2017

The freezer challenge: day 24

I made some really nice walnut and seed bread yesterday (and posted the recipe) so, to avoid having to freeze the whole load, I must have some today (the rest will be frozen though!).

So . . .
B:  walnut and seed bread, toasted with home grown tomatoes on top (totally delicious)
L:  soup and a bit more of the bread.
D:  eating out (naughty but nice)

From the freezer
just the soup today

Into the freezer
what's left of the bread!

I posted the recipes for three makes - the bread, the rhubarb jam and the bits-and-bobs bake.  Do take a look.

Given that I won't be paying for tonight's meal  (I do offer but . . .), it's going to be a very frugal day, despite the posh bread.  I'm happy with that!

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