Wednesday 9 August 2017

The freezer challenge: day 25

I was hoping to say 'back to normal' yesterday but, due to a nasty bug, it wasn't.
Nor is today really, as I need to take it carefully but here are provisional plans . . .

B:  nothing
L:  something on toast - maybe tomatoes or scrambled egg
D:  garden veg roasted with chicken, maybe some runner beans, depending on how things go.

Out of the freezer

As the veg is mostly home grown or wonky, it is pretty frugal.

I got a shock on Monday.  I looked for butter and Morrisons Savers butter had gone up by 15p since last week.  It was £1.08 and now it's £1.23.  Given that it is the Savers range I think that it is outrageous.  I checked Aldi's and that's gone up to £1.18.  It wasn't that long ago that it was hovering between 75 and 85p.  A real blow for people who have to be very frugal.

Given that this is happening all over, how are people going to cope?  No wonder the food banks are running out.

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